“Hands down the MVP of our development team.  Our projects represent very unique land needs, and the development process of this limited resource frequently resulted in challenges we had not anticipated.  Stuart somehow remained two steps ahead of all issues, and handled them in stride.  If you get a chance to include him on one of your projects, do not pass it up!”

– Andy Wilson, M.D

“I have worked with many developers throughout the years who had varying levels of expertise and I can say with all sincerity that working with Stuart on a project has been an experience on an entirely different level. Stuart’s ability to see the big picture, while at the same time ensuring all the small details are covered, is unique and appreciated. He understands the development and entitlement process, is conscientious and level-headed even when the unexpected occurs, and exhibits professionalism at all times. He is an asset to his clients—ensuring they get the best product possible—always with cost in mind. His preparation and attention to detail ensures that those of us on the government side of the table have a much easier time reviewing plans, which means a shorter approval period! I would recommend Stuart Hitchen to anyone looking for a seasoned developer to represent their project.”

– Michelle Romero, AICP, EDFP, City of Henderson Redevelopment Manager

“Stuart Hitchen has been a valued business associate of mine for quite some time. His knowledge of site and building development is crucial to the value he brings to the real estate business. Stuart has become experienced at each level of a project from the acquisition of property through entitlements, construction, and in the determination of financing for the final disposition of the finished product. As a steward of my developments, Stuart has designed and sustained a disciplined professional, constructive, and honest approach to the benefit of each. I recommend Stuart with the highest regard.”

– Joe DeSimone, First Federal Realty

“We have had the opportunity to build a number of of Stu’s projects over the last 10-15 years.  Every project he has led has gone flawlessly.  He has an in-depth comprehension of all aspects of a project that is unmatched in the industry.  His project’s are always well organized and communication is paramount.  It just goes to show, when a project is done right, everyone involved can do well, and it can be a rewarding experience for all!”

– Chris Haase, President, Burnett Hasse Construction

“Stuart Hitchen has been a tremendous help for us to achieve our dream. Stuart made us realize that we could not only open our brewery, but that it was possible to own our land and build a building by walking us through all phases, from land purchase, financing, city laws and codes to construction. His knowledge and relationships with the City of Henderson saved us countless hours and money. When we did face barriers, Stuart acted as our cheerleader and reassured us or redirected our efforts. We can honestly say that our brewery would not be standing here without him. Thanks to Stuart we are “making history” on downtown Water Street in Henderson!”

– Richard and Linda Lovelady,

“Stuart Hitchen is one of the most highly regarded developer’s in Southern Nevada. He has been involved in numerous projects in Henderson over the years and has always maintained an excellent relationship with our entire staff from the permit counter to City Council. He has an in-depth understanding of the entire development process, is thorough and professional, and his integrity is beyond reproach. Simply put, he get’s things done!”

– Gerri Schroder, Councilwoman Ward 1

“I just finished a job with Stuart at the helm and I would have to say it was a great experience. He has a great rapport with the officials in the jurisdiction of the project and I don’t think I’ve ever seen things go through the channels any faster. I look forward to the next one. Always a pleasure to have a job run smoothly.”

– KC Camis, Architect