Consulting Services

With over twenty-five years of real estate development experience I have in-depth knowledge and expertise in every aspect of the process, on projects of all types and sizes. Through my long history I have worked in several jurisdictions throughout the west, and have developed meaningful relationships with key agencies, consultants, institutions and service providers. It is highly unlikely that you can encounter a situation, challenge, or opportunity on a project that I haven’t successfully dealt with. I can assist you and your team at any point in the development process. I would be happy to assist you with any of the following critical project activities:

  • Site Selection and Feasibility
  • Negotiation of Purchase and Sale Agreements
  • Project Visioning and Planning
  • Project Zoning and Entitlements
  • Preparation of Business Plans and Pro Formas
  • Project Scheduling
  • Project Budgeting
  • Project Team Formation, Consultant Selection, Facilitation, and Management
  • Jurisdictional Coordination
  • Project Lender Selection and Relations
  • Project Permitting and Approvals
  • General Contactor Bidding, Selection and Contract Award
  • Construction Overview and Coordination
  • Project Close-Out.

Real Estate Development is a serious business which cannot be entered into haphazardly. The slightest miss-step or a wrong turn along the way can lead to serious impacts to a project’s schedule and/or budget, either of which can destroy even the most well suited project’s likelihood of success. Congratulations on being one of the few with the fortitude and entrepreneurial spirit that define this industry. What you are doing is important and meaningful to the community. You are about to Make History! Let me help you make that happen!

Please contact me for a free, no-obligation consultation on your project today!