stu2No smoke and mirrors here, SH4 Development is J. Stuart Hitchen (formally John Stuart Hitchen IV). When you engage with SH4 Development for help in any way on one of your projects, you get me, my experience, my reputation, my relationships, my expertise, and my full attention and focus on your each and every need. Recently retired as a registered professional Land Surveyor and Civil Engineer in several states in the west, a seasoned veteran in an ownership/developer role on successful development projects in Nevada, Arizona, Oregon, and Idaho, and now with experience and expertise as a Nevada Licensed Broker-Salesperson, I bring a unique, thorough and comprehensive skillset to every project I participate in.

For nearly thirty years I have had the opportunity to act as a lead consultant and Owner’s Representative on projects across all sectors of Real Estate Development, in countless jurisdictions in Hawaii, Washington State, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, California, Arizona and Nevada. For over fifteen years I founded and lead the operations of WRG Design, Las Vegas, arguably the most highly regarded Civil Engineering, Land Surveying, and Land Use Planning firm in Southern Nevada. During my tenure at WRG I had the opportunity to participate on some of the most high profile projects in the region, with some of the most prominent development companies in the west if not the world. All told I have worked on hundreds of projects in the Las Vegas valley across all market sectors including:

  • Single Family Residential
  • Multi-Family Residential
  • Retail Centers Malls and stand-alone Buildings
  • Commercial Office Parks and Buildings
  • Industrial Parks and Buildings
  • Institutional (Healthcare and Education)
  • Hospitality (Resorts and Hotels)
  • Mixed Use

While in this role I had the opportunity to work closely with every agency and municipality in the valley and have established strong relations with every consultant, professional, institution, and business involved in every aspect of Real Estate Development. These relationships continue to be an extremely valuable asset to myself and my clients as we migrate our way through the challenging and ever changing landscape of the industry.

My years of experience consulting on such a wide array of projects also afforded me the ability and opportunity to pursue my own project opportunities as an Owner/Developer. In this role I have been able to involve myself even further in the process in much more depth including:

  • Project Visioning
  • Preparation of Project Prospectus and Pro Formas
  • Risk Assessment
  • Purchase and Sale transactions
  • Real Estate Contract Negotiations
  • Finance/Lending (both debt and equity)
  • Sales and Leasing
  • Building Operation and Maintenance
  • Disposition of Built Asset

Most recently I became licensed by the Nevada Real Estate Division as a Broker-Salesperson which has given me further opportunity to participate and gain valuable experience on the transactional aspects of real estate deals. This allows me to now represent my clients in a more holistic nature for all of their needs throughout the entire life-cycle of a Real Estate Development Project.

My background and experience is diverse and comprehensive and can be a huge value to any person or entity involved in Real Estate Development. I can bring my resources to bear in varying capacities at any point of your project. I have the answer to your every need on every aspect of your real estate development project.

Please Contact me for a no obligation consultation on your project. Let’s Make History!